Ode To Iphigenia

You have not been heard before, elysian Iphigenia, wandering aimlessly for all the centuries; the sycophants did their chore well done…

You divine daughter of unnamed immortals, you competing virgin Goddess of the hunt, ostracized from the golden sea sands of the Archipelago without hope of reconciliation, to the hostile unexplored territories of Crimea beyond the river of Styx, I, your eternally devoted priest always await for your glorious return.

You Goddess wronged by your peers… You presence soundless like the unruffled waters of the Acherusian lake… The voicelessness of the age-long sycamores, one of these days will become the vibrant voice to let know the universal truth of your Almighty. The One who is not named yet, the saddest of all alchemists, will stand up to cry out the verity. Remember the marble palaces of Olympus, back in the pantheon you belong by birth. Soon, wild anemone, the shadow falling on your pale face through the centuries will burst into photons of glory…

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